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About Us
Wamuco motors (U) Ltd, was established on 5th July, 1995 in a rented building to meet the day to day needs of vehicle owners for quality service at an affordable price. We started with a few staff of less than ten members with very small clientele mainly individuals.

Today wamuco motors boasts of a big and established well trained staff of over fifty mechanics, panel beaters, welders, engineers, to mention but afew, with a moderate clientele of individuals, corporates, Government and non-Governmental organisations who enjoy a host of high quality services at affordable rates.

Technical Ablility
The workshop is being run by a professional team who have undergone training in various fields of mechanical engineering and they keep upgrading as the technology evolves

We have a big, established and well trained staff of over fifty mechanics, panel beaters, welders, engineers, and experts. Our staff qualification matrix includes Graduates with Degress and higher diplomas in mechanical engineering, Certificates in mechanical technology part I and II, among other certifications and qualifications.

We have a fully equipped workshop with all the necessary equipment such as Compressor machines, Arch welding machines, Gas welding machines, Service pits, Greasing and Spraying machines, Battery charging machines, Engine lifting cranes, Complete tool boxes and a Spray booth (paint oven).

Management Strucrure

management structure
Why Us

Wamuco motors understands the importance of a reliable and well maintained fleet of vehicles. To ensure this whilst controlling costs, we procure genuine spare parts and make strict supervision of workmanship.

Vehicles are fully examined and put on road test before they are delivered to customers.

Our workshop is surrounded by big concrete brick walls and roofed with all fire proofing facilities including fire extinguishers within. A fully armed security force is also available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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